Medical Companies


  1. Academy of Neuroscience
  2. European Interbalkan Medical Center
  3. Greek College of Senology
  4. Greek Study Group of Cancer Psychoneuroimmunology
  5. Hellenic & International Society of Targeted & Individualised Treatment
  6. Hellenic Anticancer Society
  7. Hellenic College of Pediatrics
  8. Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group
  9. Hellenic Institute for Study of Infection in Diabetes Patient
  10. Hellenic Society for the Sudy of New Medicines in Oncology
  11. Hellenic Society of Atherosclerosis
  12. Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology
  13. Hellenic Society of Pedeatric Hematology-Oncology
  14. Hellenic Society of Radiotherapeutic Oncology
  15. Hellenic Support Institute of Oncology Patients
  16. Medical Association of Drama
  17. Medical Association of Kefallonia
  18. Medical Association of Kozani
  19. Medical Association of Laconia
  20. Medical Society of Western Greece & Peloponnese
  21. Mediterranean Medical Society for Digestive Diseases
  22. Naval Hospital of Athens
  23. Neurology Clinic of Naval Hospital of Athens
  24. Oncology Clinic of Naval Hospital of Athens
  25. Pediatric Clinic of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  26. St. Savvas Cancer Hospital
  27. University General Hospital of Thessaloniki AHEPA