GK is activated -since 2006- in the broader field of advertising and public relations by organising:

  • Medical Congresses
  • Scientific Meetings
  • Targeted Speeches & Discussions
  • Scientific Forum
  • Symposia


Our aim is none other than to provide our partners with:


High quality services

Cutting edge ideas and proposals

Consistent and dedicated cooperation

Latest technological applications

Guaranteed success of all undertaken projects


All of the above are achieved through the long experience and deep knowledge of our work, but also through the values and ethos of GK’s human resources.


The services offered by GK are the following:

  • Organization, materialization and support for Conferences – Meetings – Forum –Symposia
  • Printed, radio, television and online advertising
  • Design, planning and materialization for campaigns
  • Marketing Plan implementation and public relations for individuals and / or companies
  • Organization, materialization and support for press conferences
  • Design, implementation and support of web sites for individuals and / or companies
  • Planning, programming and implementation for communicational, promotional and marketing actions


GK lists many great associates both from the field of medicine and drugs, but also from other areas related to organizing conferences.

All these constitute the legacy and treasure of our company and we feel very proud to work with them.



If your goal and desire is to work in a modern environment that offers you professional opportunities and prospects, then contact us immediately!

We are in search of partners and we want to meet you in person and hear your ideas and suggestions.

Send us your CV to the email address (Attn. George Karamalis).